May all who enter as guests, leave as friends​​

What happens when a beautiful, kind, hardworking Italian girl ~ with culinary talents equal to a beloved great, great Nonni ~ marries a handsome, hardworking, proud Armenian man?  Well, besides two beautiful daughters, you get the Kardashian Bakery & Grill.

Kardashian Bakery & Grill is proud to produce outstanding, savory, Armenian and Italian culinary delights.  All of our mouthwatering products are homemade daily, without preservatives.  At Kardashian Bakery & Grill, authenticity is more than utilizing traditional recipes, we also utilize an authentic stone oven.  

For those of you in the downriver Detroit area, you don’t have to travel far.  We are closer to you than you may think.  We are located at 11330 Allen Road, in Taylor, Michigan.  For those of you out of the area or on the other side of the country, we are now offering some of our tasty delights online and available for shipping.

Whether you are Armenian or on a journey to find some of the most delicious, fragrant, flavorful, culinary offerings from the Armenian culture, our tasty treats are for you!  When you come visit us at Kardashian Bakery & Grill, be prepared to try some of these Armenian offerings. 

These are just a sampling of what we bake up fresh for you daily: scrumptious homemade pita bread, traditional dishes like Lahmajoon and Zaartar, creamy spinach pies, tavar, and delicious meat pies. We also offer various side dishes.  Fresh salads (our ingredients are picked with care from the farmer’s market), Kafta, Shish Tawook, Falafel, and our daily made Hummus and garlic paste.  

Not to be out done, our incredible Italian cuisine offerings allow you to enjoy one of the best Margherita Pizzas you've every had, our crunchy Biscotti, Ricotta pie, delicious Calzones, Rice Balls and melt in your mouth Tiramisu. 

Every item is prepared with ingredients we've specifically selected for their exceptional quality and flavor.
A great meal is not complete without your favorite beverage.  We offer coffee, espresso, turkish coffee, tea, hot chocolate, various soda pops.
  1. Lahmajoon
    Traditional Armenian Meat Pie (Armenian Pizza)
  2. Cerasuolo Mini Veggie Pizza
    Cerasuolo Mini Veggie Pizza
  3. Takoohy's New Armenian Rolled Spinach & Cheese Boreg
    Takoohy's New Armenian Rolled Spinach & Cheese Boreg
  1. Armenian Sweet Bread Cookies (Choreg)
    Armenian Sweet Bread Cookies (Choreg)
  2. Sweet Samplings
    Sweet Samplings
    Pistachio Paklava, Ladyfingers, Birds Nest, Mini Rose Paklava, Assorted Macaroons